VANARAS 2nd Ver. M203 40mm POM Non-Reset Type Gas Grenade
VANARAS 2 Versio M203 40mm POM “Non-Reset” -Tyyppinen Kaasukranaatti

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-40mm M203 -kranaatti
-POM-materiaalin vuoksi soveltuu paremmin myös hieman kylmemmälle ilmalle (Huomioitavaa on kuitenkin, että kaasukranaatit eivät toimi pakkasella!)
-Kranaatti on siitä kätevä, että sitä ei tarvitse resetoida/nollata.

-'Vanaras' 2nd Version M203 40mm 60 rds POM gas grenade with non-reset system. Light-weight and affordable gas grenade in the airsoft market for M203 grenadians. Especially good for airsoft combat under cold weather due to the temperature isolation of the POM material.
-This is the perfect and ultimate M203 gas grenade for every M203 airsofter
-Designed with POM gas tank for light weight and good heat isolation.
-Enlarged gas tank for maximum power.
-Aluminum lower case to improve the durability and extend the life of product but still with light weight.
-Newly designed non-reset valve operating system so no need to reset the gas valve between charges.
-Equiped with self-lubricating 'Teflon' O-ring for smooth operation of the steel inner gas valve open and close.
-With 6 × 10 rds BB carrying capacity.
-Nickle-plated gas inlet valve for maximum corrosion resistance compare to bare copper valve.
-Weight only 170g compare to 270-300g weight of 40mm gas grenade from other manufacturers.